Saturday, April 5, 2008

IL Deleting Names Department

It is vital for IL HB 4623 to be killed. Illinois adoptees have been robbed from their identity way too long. The Mitchell-Feigenholtz bill does provide for a select group to be able to request their OBC, no restrictions. Later on other adoptees can after birth parents have had a chance to request anonymity. Melisha Mitchell stated, "The rare adoptees who will be the subject of birth parent "requests for anonymity" filed under this law will have the option of receiving copies of their obc's from which only the identifying information pertaining to the anonymity-seeking birth parent has been deleted..." I think it very possible that few birth parents will request anonymity. BUT, is it right for an ADULT adoptee to have lived say 60 years without knowing their identity, only to request their OBC and receive it with identifying information deleted? This OBC would never have originated without the birth of the adoptee but yet he/she has no right to receive it with their birth name on it?

Is IL going to have a deleting names department for the rare adoptee? What would attending physicians and registrars think if they were to hear of this insane bill. They have signed legal documents and then to hear that same document is to have names deleted from it surely would not set too well with them. Wouldn't it set into motion for not only attending physicians and registrars to begin to question what other legal documents might be altered but residents to question it as well. Those working in the judicial system would probably wonder what type of "legal" documents might be used as exhibits in their court some day and how on earth would they rule for or against them.

Doesn't this sound like something that Fred Flintstone might do in his cave? Not really because even Fred I do believe would have treated ALL adoptees like first class citizens. Is it possible that Mitchell and Feigenholtz have teamed together to start a new cartoon series and are not really serious about IL HB 4623 going any further? Let's certainly hope so, like maybe "Minnie and Sadie Mouse".

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