Thursday, July 31, 2008

Some News Reporters Don't Want to Publicize the Truth

Recently Nicole Dungca, a staff writer for The Times-Picayune (New Orleans) publicized a statement that was not the truth. I realize that news reporters do publicize what they hear. But included in "Protestors Seek to Change Laws Sealing Birth Papers" Rodney Huey, a spokesman for the National Council for Adoption said that birth mothers were guaranteed confidentiality. I wrote to Ms. Dungca to let her know that Mr. Huey is way out on left field and urged her to publicize the truth. The truth is that birth mothers were not guaranteed confidentiality and many are looking for their offspring and want to be found. I personally feel this lie about being guaranteed confidentiality was a lie started by social workers, enforced by adoption attorneys, and followed up by lawmakers using it as an excuse as to why records should not be opened.

Anyway, Ms. Dungca did reply to me. "Thank you for writing. A number of people have written me to share their views on this, and though we do not think it merits a correction, I do appreciate the feedback and the interesting thoughts you have put forth."

It makes you think that a spokesman for the National Council for Adoption carries more weight than the truth. Those personally touched by adoption and especially those of us who have been in touch with other triad members for many years do know more than Mr. Huey.

Ms. Dungca should hang her head in shame for not printing a correction. Lies being publicized can do harm to the adoption reform movement. Those doing harm to it should have disrupted sleep and an unsettling feeling during the day to know that many loved ones have been separated from each other for many years. Adoptees have been robbed of their civil rights.


Marley Greiner said...

Good post, Mary. Please note that Rodney Huey is the former PR director for Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus You can read about him here and see a picture or him wearing a red nose. I could not make this stuff up.

I have no idea why he's at NCFA other than he needed the job aftering getting his PhD. recently.

Gershom said...

I wanted to let you know that we told her right then and there in the interview that there was no right to privacy. We gave her solid facts on open records for 45 minutes and she didn't print much of it at all.

thanks for your letter.

triona said...

More media bias - either they don't cover adoption issues at all, or they cover them with a slanted perspective.

Reporters need to realize the damage done when they perpetuate the lies, half-lies and semi-truths spoonfed by the adoption industry.

Note that the majority of the people who claim birth mothers were "promised confidentiality" are not, themselves, birth mothers. Yet it is the birth mothers, the adoptees, and others afflicted by adoption who face the repercussions of reporters who don't do their jobs.

Diane said...

echoing gershom ... I was there and what we said to the reporter, Nicole, was SO much more than what she printed. I didn't think she did a very good job on the story, honestly.