Sunday, August 31, 2008


IL HB 4623 as written MUST not become law. Records must be opened for ALL, not just a selected group. For many years now some of us have been strong advocates for open records. But the more who join in the fight, I feel the better chance we will have of seeing Illinois becoming an open records state. All triad members need to speak out. I know that many genealogists are for open records and sometimes I hear others say it is only right for everyone to know their origins. But it is unfortunate that sometimes people will sit back thinking that others are taking care of the fight. No matter how many are fighting, the more the better. Newspaper readers and TV news watchers often see demonstrations by people fighting for a particular civil right. These demonstrations do get attention and make the news. A demonstration to show support for open records in IL would do no harm in my opinion. Let's do it! No, we don't all live in the same city but there can be multiple demonstrations. Another way to get attention is to flood legislators with phone calls and letters. There are times when it can help to lobby at the statehouse. Please contact me!


antiadoption said...

Do you have a list of the legislatures for people to write and call? and a link to the bill?

Mary Lynn Fuller said...

See for a link to the bill and contact information for legislators.

triona said...

You can also visit my blog at, where I have information posted on HB 4623 (see Take Action in the right sidebar, and also the articles under keyword "illinois").

We urge you all to contact Illinois legislators and ask them to oppose HB 4623 in favor of legislation that restores adult adoptee access to original birth certificates without restriction. All persons deserve equal access to their records.