Monday, December 22, 2008


Thank you to everyone who wrote letters to Santa requesting your OBC or for another's OBC! If you have not written yet, please do so TODAY and email it to me - Please don't say that others are writing and one more letter won't make a difference. The more letters, the better. I currently have 77 letters, a nice number but more would be better.

Unfortunately the trip to Vital Records had to be postponed due to an ice storm that moved quickly into this area. Bitter cold and high winds followed so traveling about 90 miles one way to Springfield was out of the question. We need some at least partially sunny days and warmer temps to clear the roads. Vital Records will be closed Dec. 25-28. But hopefully it will not be long after Christmas when Santa's elves take the bag of letters to Vital Records.

Thank you for your patience while the ice melts! If you have lots of sun and warmer temps than we have here in the Midwest, please send some our way!!

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