Saturday, February 21, 2009


The February 2009 issue of the Adoption Advocate, a publication of the National Council For Adoption is detrimental and evil. I can picture someone stirring a pot just like the devil as they wrote this paper.

The NCFA is opposed to open records. But to publish a paper like this one makes me suspicious that they are profiting from it. Just who could be paying them? Adoptive parents or those who fear that some lies told will come out if eventually we would have all open states? Perhaps the NCFA just figures they can profit from this bunch of lies. After all fiction does sell well.

This paper is saying that The Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute’s report, For the Records: Restoring a Legal Right for Adult Adoptees is based on disproved assumptions and the misrepresentation of statistical data. It has to be considered more accurate than this piece of garbage put out by NCFA.

Let’s face it, if you were going to do a study on adults, wouldn’t you use adults for the study? It would be absurd to use adolescents unless there was a reason that you did not want the results accurate.

It is rather common today to hear about how different ones are profiting from taking advantage of people. For years adult adoptees have been the vulnerable and I consider this to be another attack.
We will survive but the silent adult adoptees and birth mothers definitely need to join in and speak out about this most outrageous paper.


Grannie Annie said...

The NCFA never seems to let truth get in the way of writing their reports. As well as the studies on teen agers instead of adults, as you mentioned, the NCFA also likes to play with statistics. They skew them any way they please.


joanwheeler said...

Yes, I do feel very much attacked by this most recent work by the NCFA. But I'm not silent. Lies, propaganda, fear tactics, should never be tolerated. But their message is so outrageous, you can tell they are trying real hard to beat us down. We speak the truth, which they can't stand to hear, or read/