Friday, September 4, 2009


I've been around the Internet adoption community for years. I've always found it unfortunate that many who have been reunited will never be heard from again. Perhaps some think there is no need to stick around. But there is because the adoption reform movement could be a long ways from being completed.

Some do very little searching themselves and I find that unfortunate since it can help prepare for the reunion. Perhaps this group feel that they can not be of help to others searching. Perhaps they are not interested in if anyone else finds birth family. I've known adoptees who get what they want and could care less about others.

Reunions are an emotional roller coaster ride. Probably not just for the adoptee but for all involved. I do know first-hand what an overwhelming feeling it is to be reunited with birth family members. There are of course other feelings to deal with. When birth parents are found deceased as mine were, there are questions that are left unanswered. Although I've had family members share what they know they have not been able to answer all my questions.

For many years now I've been an advocate for open records and I sincerely hope that no medical problem will ever prevent me from continuing. Although I'm not nearly as involved with helping others search as I once was my work on earth is not completed as far as the adoption reform movement goes. It does not matter that I have my original birth certificate (OBC) and I've been reunited. I want all adoptees to have their OBC. I want those who want to be reunited with birth family. I'm not alone because there are many others fighting for the cause and some are like me in having their OBC and been reunited.

Some who have been reunited will suddenly disappear. So it is important to remind those searching to stick around. They might need a break to deal with so many emotions, perhaps to travel to meet birth family and time to get to know those they have been separated from. But it is important to get the message out that everyone is needed to fight for all adopted adults to have access to their OBC. Please do your part!


mergatroid7 said...

You have to be kidding me. After you dissed all the adoptees that showed up for the protest, you think you can rally them around?


Why don't you clean your own house first

Mary Lynn Fuller said...

At least my profile is available whereas yours is not.

It is obvious that some who participated at the Philly rally are not open to critcism or advice. So be it.

There are plenty of others who learn from criticism and are willing to accept advice. We will proceed with being advocates for the adoption reform movement. It is your choice as to what you want to do.

By the way my house is clean and my conscious is clear!

BD said...

So true, Mary. I've had contact with hundred of adoptees who disappear after they reunite. On the other hand, the vast majority of hardcore adoptee rights activists are those who have their obc/reunited or don't care for themselves. But the MIA's are a mile high.

Mary Lynn Fuller said...

It is very true that there are a vast majority of hardcore adoptee rights activists. Some of us go back years before the Internet adoption community was even around and we will continue to fight although we have personally gained alot. But we care too much about the others to walk away.