Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mutual Consent Registries

Is it right for open record laws to include a condition that a mutual consent registry be used? I don't think so. The registries have proven to not be very effective. Many confidential intermediaries have so many cases that a search does not receive a personal touch to it. Therefore when the person being sought is located, the manner in which they are spoken to can close the door. Will the intermediary contact them again? Probably not, so then the adoptee can be out the money it cost to register and still have expense to then do the search on their own without receiving any identifying information from the intermediary to help them out. But yet when open record bills are introduced and one of the conditions is that there will be a mutual consent registry, it sounds good to many. I can't help but think it sounds best to those new to searching. Just who makes the mutual consent registries sound good to legislators? Probably the intermediaries because they don't want to be out of a job. Do they care about the best interests of the adoptee and birthparents? I don't think so. Anyone who does would be all for open record laws so that an adult adoptee could obtain their original birth certificate, just like those not personally touched by adoption. It is time for adoption reform to move forward and do away with mutual consent registries and intermediaries.


Anita said...

You've got it exactly right. It's the adoptees who are just beginning a search who are sort of lured into these CI and registry programs.

I began searching the same year Illinois enacted its CI law. I heard about it on the TV news, and I was so happy! I thought it was the answer to all my prayers.

It took a few years for me to understand differently.

Marley Greiner said...

I'd be suspicious of any scheme that NCFA approves of. Lately they're all rah rah rah for state mutual consent registries. But they don't like federal registries. It can't be because they're small government folks and don't want federal "intervention" since they snarf at the federal trough to suck up funds to harvest baybees for the industry.