Saturday, March 29, 2008

Oppose Illinois HB 4623

Now is the time for everyone to speak out and oppose Illinois HB 4623. ALL adoptees should have the right to their original birth record. It is totally wrong for a select few to have this right. For too many years now the confidentiality of birth parents has been upheld when many did not ask for confidentiality. Many adoptive parents support open records because they know about the void felt by their children from not knowing their origin. Many adoptees have a need for birth family medical history. It is common today to hear medical professionals say that everyone needs to know their family medical history. But yet lawmakers like the one who introduced Illinois HB 4623 don't introduce good bills that if made law, will provide an opportunity for ALL adoptees to have an easier path to locating their birth parents. It is the birth parents and birth family members who have the medical history that they need.

Non-adoptees just request their original birth records. Why should they have a right that adoptees don't have?

Illinois needs to join the other states who do have open records. So let's oppose HB 4623 and then support a good bill when it is introduced!


Anita said...

I say "amen." Maybe it's time for someone new to come forward in the legislature and carry a truly good bill through to the finish line.

Some new - instead of the same old politicians who have been screwing us over for many years now.


Mary Lynn Fuller said...

Yes, I agree Anita that it is time for new politicians. We need ones who are for the people, not for what they and their friends benefit from.

Marley Greiner said...

Do we have to get our own Bastad elected in Illinois.

I've linked this blog on the Illinois Open MySpace page.