Sunday, May 25, 2008


As more sponsors for IL HB 4623 are added and we see more extensions just what is going on? There has been yet another extension to May 31. I pray that some of the State Representatives that many of us have written to have listened to the point that they might be telling Sara that the bill is horrible.

Rep. Feigenholtz has been sneaky from day one it seems. Sara seems to talk good for some to believe that the IL Adoption Registry and CI Program should remain intact. Is she making a profit from the Registry and CI Program or is one or more of the contributors to her political career making the profit?

Sometimes I wonder if Al Capone's ghost might be at work in Springfield. Then I think, gosh but he was nice to some people. But then if HB 4623 would become law, the adoptees born prior to 1/1/46 could request their original birth certificate and receive it. So I don't know but put a bonnet on him and a cigarette in his mouth and he could pass for a female.

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triona said...

I think the whole idea is to keep people in the dark. Why else did they modify the bill the SAME DAY it was successfully voted out of committee?

It's fascinating that Rep. Feigenholtz and the other sponsors of this bill have not addressed the many concerns expressed about this bill in the adoption community. Clearly the point is to push through what they decide is "right" for adoptees, never mind the feedback from adoptees who have already experienced their ineffective, inhumane solutions.

Many of us have tried working with this bill's sponsors in the past, only to be rebuffed. When those in power won't even allow other opinions to be recognized, much less heard, there must be something rotten in the state of Illinois.

It's quite clear that if your reports of Illinois post-adoption programs are anything but glowing, your opinion counts for squat.

I hope our legislators will recognize that the only equitable solution is unrestricted access to adoption records for all parties involved.

Triona Guidry