Friday, May 16, 2008


It is urgent that people contact IL State Representatives today regarding HB 4623. There has been an extension until March 23, three days before the House session is over. This is a lengthy adoption bill that Rep. Feigenholtz is trying to sneak through. The bill is detrimental to adoption reform in that it does not treat all adoptees fairly. It has a provision where original birth certificates could be altered. The Adoption Registry and Confidential Intermediary Program would remain intact and they are not a substitute for equal rights of human beings. Even those who are not personally touched by adoption need to speak out. One never knows when an adoption law might affect a family member.

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Anita said...

You can find the email addresses for the majority of IL House Representatives at:

Let's try to keep the issue in front of the reps - tell them to vote No to HB 4623.