Saturday, April 18, 2009


Once in a while I hear how some think it is just fine to take baby steps to change adoption laws. I cringe every time because I consider it a big mistake. It is not an easy task to change any law and adoption reform is certainly not a popular subject among those who are opposed to open records.

Illinois currently has an ineffective Registry and horror stories have resulted from the CI program. But yet in the eyes of many legislators adoption reform is at its best. In 2008 the belief among some was that if records were open to some adopted adults but not all that would be a step toward Illinois becoming an open records state. I don't recall hearing if any of these believers gave thought to how many years it might take before ALL adopted adults would have access to their OBC.

I'm not talking about just legislators. It is shocking how many adoptees who claim to be adovates for open records go right along with baby steps being taken. Just how many are monetary gaining from closed records is a number that we will never know.

Sadly it is not uncommon for an adoptee to be against open records. Some are profiting too much from closed records. There are some who don't care if they ever see their OBC so they speak out against anyone having access. My belief is that all these people should be tarred and feathered.

The next time someone mentions taking adoption reform in baby steps please ask them why they are so against Illinois becoming an open records state as soon as possible.


Grannie Annie said...

I totally agree. Baby steps will get us nowhere. History has shown that once a baby step bill has been passed, no one has revisited that bill to make any changes.


Tallulah said...

I could tell you a scary story about the Michigan CI System!! Two words: It sucks!!

AdoptionSearchingNewsAndTales said...
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