Thursday, April 30, 2009


I find it so hard to believe that there are supporters of CA AB 372. I question if it is a strong case of stupidity or if they are seeing $ signs before their eyes if this bill would become law. I realize that some of these supporters believe that baby steps are sometimes necessary to achieve success. But they are not stopping to think about the states who have taken baby steps and now how hard advocates are fighting to get open records in those states. It is not just CI programs that are intact in some states that make legislators think that the state is up to date with adoption reform. If anything is in place that makes legislators think this, they can focus on other issues and fight any clean bill that is sponsored.

Some think that if a few adoptees are helped, that is better than none. No, it is not because all should be treated equally. Let's say there are two adoptees in one family. One gets their OBC and the other can not. Think about the feelings that will develop between these two and how the adoptive parents will feel about their children not being treated equally. This could happen with two adoptees who are close friends too or two cousins who were adopted... Will all the CA adoptees who support this horrible bill have access to their OBC? Chances are not all of them will. Then how many years will it take for adoption legislation to be changed for the better in CA? Will the supporters live long enough to see it happen or will it ever happen?

The chances of this bill being fixed are very slim. Supporters need to wake up and smell the roses in the states who do have open records. This bill MUST be defeated and the sooner the better. There are those who will argue that we all must unite to get records open. Well many of us have done so and we ask that you please join us and not support a bill that does not treat ALL adoptees equally. The adoption reform movement must move forward and not backward.


BD said...

"If anything is in place that makes legislators think this, they can focus on other issues and fight any clean bill that is sponsored."

This is such an important sentence and concept, Mary Thank you! Anyone who works for equal access must engrave that in their brain.

Jack said...

Alexander Hamilton was right when he seriously questioned whether "representative democracy" would work becasue he questioned whether not only the "common people" but their representatives would put in the work necessary to make informed decisions rather than "buy a pig in a poke."

As we know today, it is all too easy for legislators to buy "a pig in a poke" when it comes to adoptee rights.

And, we are not speaking of just one pig in a poke. How many pigs are there? Let me name a few: deformers, NCFA, phantom closeted birth mothers, adoption agencies, the ACLU, attorneys, aparents who feel threatened, and most of all the RCC and right-to-life movement.

Grannie Annie said...

This is an excellent blog, Mary.

So long as the legislators can pat themselves on their backs and point to a junky CI system or a sleepy adoption registry, these lawmakers will not be bothered with revisiting any open records bill. As far as they are concerned, they're finished with us pesky adoptees.

I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone can support this monstrous bill.