Friday, May 8, 2009


For several years now there have been deceitful adoptees among the Internet adoption community. Several years ago I remember when one pretended to be helping other adoptees subscribed to a mailing list when she was in fact working for a well known company who has financially ripped off many people.

Just how new it is for an adoptee to lie about what state they were born or adopted in I don't know. I do understand when an adoptee pretends to live in a certain state when they are trying to get a legislator to listen to them.

But to lie to other adoptees to try to gain leadership over them does not set well with me. One lie can lead to another and we don't know what all they might be up to. We can't be certain if they really are for a clean bill or if maybe their motive is to cause harm to adoption reform in that particular state. We do know there are those among the adoption industry cashing in on closed records. So have these fabricators joined in with them while pretending to be a great advocate for open records?

I know one thing for certain and that is Illinois has giant RAT traps. But until a suspected RAT gets caught be certain and ask questions because often liars do give themselves away. Human RATS have long noses and have a tendency to be bossy and sarcastic when things are not going just the way they want. Bait your trap and get rid of the RATS! There are plenty of us that do want all adopted adults to have access to their OBC - you don't have to feel alone after the RATS are gone.


KL said...

Does RATS stand for Raving Adoptees Trying Scams??


Mary Lynn Fuller said...

KL, yes RATS sure could stand for Raving Adoptees Trying Scams!