Monday, May 18, 2009


It was bad enough that President Barrack Obama delivered the 2009 commencement speech at the University of Notre Dame. But then the Notre Dame President Rev. John Jenkins said that we should all work together to make adoption more available.

I've been Catholic all my life and for a long time I've been a Notre Dame fan. In my honest opinion President Obama who supports abortion rights should never have been invited to speak and then to receive an honorary degree was a second mistake. He is entitled to his rights just as I am to mine. There will always be people on this earth with differing views.

Was Rev. John Jenkins justifying President Obama delivering the commencement speech by saying that we should all work together to make adoption more available? Certainly he must be aware of all the adoption options in America. Agencies have been around for unwed mothers to turn to for over 60 years that I know of. Today some unwed mothers are monetary profiting quite nicely from making arrangements for their unborn to be adopted.

Adoption is available and it seems to me that those who are not aware of it must not want to be. We adoptees are not bad people even though we are often labeled "troublemakers" for fighting for a civil right to be restored to all adopted adults so that they can have access to their original birth certificate.


lulusue said...

May 19, '09

Sexual abstinence is better than adoption. Although this requires discipline it's better than losign your child to concealed (closed) adoption.

lulusue said...

May 19, 2009

Abstinence from having sex is another option to adoption. Although discipline is required not to have sex the fact remains sexual abstinence CAN be achieved.