Monday, November 30, 2009


It would make me very happy for "Adoption Not Abortion" to be replaced with "God says: My Life is Precious".

I know that there is at least one adoptee who feels adoption and abortion gets rid of "the problem". It is one of the most absurd things I have ever read. I'm sure that many birth mothers would back me up by agreeing that a baby is not "a problem". For an unwed mother to become pregnant creates a predicament that must be dealt with. Sometimes even married women have a decision to make as to raise a baby or to plan relinquishment. But human life is just that and should not be categorized as "a problem".

In my own honest opinion I do not feel that adoption should ever be compared to abortion. Adoption provides a home for a child whereas abortion kills the fetus. A heartbeat is just days after conception so that is why I used the word "kills". Granted there are bitter adoptees in this world who might disagree with me and say that they were killed when placed in their adoptive home. But they are still breathing and surely are enjoying life in some ways.

Needless to say, I'm strictly against abortion. One time someone said it was because my birth mother could have had an abortion and I'd not be here. She is deceased so I can't ask her if she considered one but I'd bet on the answer being NO. My feeling is that the majority of birth mothers never even gave it thought because parting with the baby is not what they wanted. They or their parents felt it was the best thing to do for the child. I won't go into that subject since there are adoptees who say it is not in the best interest of the child. I strongly disagree with that too.

But I do hope that those who don't like "Adoption Not Abortion" will speak out as I am doing. Changes are never made unless we do speak out about what we don't believe in. Changes don't always happen but they definitely will not when people remain closed-mouthed.


Amanda said...

I agree with you. I do not like the over-correlation made between adoption and abortion either.

Someone who chooses adoption has already decided that abortion is not for them--in fact, they may be heavily against abortion as a practice. I think that it is rediculous that adoption agencies and various entities automatically assume that any child conceived by a single mother without resources is at risk for abortion and must therefore be saved from his or her own mother. Abortion is constantly thrown in the face of women without resources who are continuing their pregnancies; how manipulative of a practice this is when abortion and adoption have very little to do with each other.

Joan M Wheeler said...

First, checked to see if the link on my blog to here works. It does.

Medical abortions to save a mother's life --- well, it was a possibility for my motehr as she was dying while pregnant with me. When I talked with my natural fatehr about this a few years after meeting him in 1974, he said that he and his wife did not bring up a medical abortion. In 1956, if you had cancer, it was a death sentence. Mom lived long enough to carry me for 32 weeks. Her body couldn't contain us both, so I was born too early. Mom declined after my birth and died two months later.

I don't like that adoptio slogan, either. It is manipulative of a situation that needs compassion, not forced choice and prejudice.

unsignedmasterpiece said...

I also don't like how they suggest one is painful and the other is painless.

The slogan needs to go.