Friday, November 6, 2009


There is frequent mention over the Internet these days about placing children in adoptive homes.

Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy's was always saying, "all children deserve a loving, permanent home". I do agree but it always seemed to me that Dave did not care about the children beyond that. It is like he never gave thought to the children becoming adults and being curious about their origins or possibly needing to know birth family medical history. Now that Dave is deceased his Foundation seems to be continuing on just as he. I found Dave to be pathetic and the same goes for his Foundation. Please don't take me as a person that does not think it important for children in foster care to be placed in homes. I strongly believe in it. But why can't those with money like Dave's Foundation be helpful with trying to get state laws changed so these children as adults will have access to their original birth certificate?

Awareness needs to be raised that in the majority of the states adopted adults are not treated like first-class citizens. Illinois is in this category. I would be willing to bet that there will be little to no media coverage about this anytime during November. Many are not aware that we adopted adults born in IL are denied access to our original birth certificate. It could be easier to pull a tooth from a wild animal than to get the news media to help with spreading the word.

Thirty years ago and perhaps longer than that the triad was referred to. The triad was adoptees, birth parents and adoptive parents. Some where along the way since then adoptees were misplaced. It seems that the only ones that might refer to the triad now are those who were familiar with the term long ago. The forgotten adoptee has become very common and many legislators see no need to change the adoption laws. But we can't give up with educating them. We must continue with the adoption reform movement.

Those searching who have not registered with International Soundex Reunion Registry (ISRR) should do so no matter how little information they might have. For more information please see their website at No other registry is affiliated with them. If you complete one of ISRR's registration forms that someone else has distributed, any donation should go directly to ISRR.


Grannie Annie said...

Too many people never even think about adopted adults when they talk about adoption. That would be fine with me IF the state would give us our walking papers at age 18, like foster kids. Just let us go out into the world like everyone else, birth certificates in hand.We promise to be good.

However, the state treats us as eternal infants. It retains its control over us forever by keeping our birth and adoption records sealed for life.

The state also retains its control over us by enacting laws that require confidential intermediaries to withhold all identifying information from us. The state will only allow a "match" thru the CIs or the registry if the birth mother gives her consent. If that isn't keeping us babies for life, then I don't know what is.


Mary Lynn Fuller said...

Anita, I agree with you 100%!

We must continue to fight though for IL adopted adults to be shown respect and treated like first-class citizens.

MaraRigge said...

President Obama, the leader of our country, has no idea that adopted persons are discriminated against. Our own PRESIDENT!!!!!

I recently heard him go on and on about native american rights, etc. I'm glad that their rights are finally being acknowledged, but what if I'm both adopted AND NATIVE AMERICAN? If so, I'm STILL being discriminated against! But, I guess I'll never really know that without my REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

familyfun said...

Thanks for raising the awareness of this issue. I am not an adult adoptee but work with many who are and many struggle with the need to know their story. This could be one piece of putting the puzzle together. I have shared your words on my blog at well at

Mary Lynn Fuller said...
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Mary Lynn Fuller said...

MaraRiggs: A few months ago I sent President Obama a letter and one of the issues that I addressed was adoptees being discriminated against. I've never even received a form letter in reply. It seems as though he and his administration don't really care about the people. His political status seems to receive priority in anticipating whether he will be reelected.

Familyfun: Thank you for helping to spread the word! It is greatly appreciated. During National Adoption Awareness Month it seems as though adopted adults are often forgotten about and it should not be that way.