Friday, May 30, 2008

Confidentiality allows people to play God

Lawyers and agencies have dominated adoption for a good many years now in the majority of the states. Was it started to protect adoptees from the stigma of illegitimacy? If so, their efforts have failed because many adoptees will always be referred to as illegitimate. Of course, we are not to know that our original birth certificates (OBC) refer to us as being illegimate. The majority of the states don't allow adoptees to have their OBC.

Did lawyers and agencies decide to dominate adoption to hide the stigma of birth mothers? Sealed records would guarantee her privacy. Did the lawyers and agencies really care enough about the birth mothers to feel that they needed to be protected by confidentiality or did the lawyers and agencies want to be protected?

Dominating adoption gives lawyers and agencies control over the lives of others. It gives them the power to play God.

No one should be allowed to play God. It is past time for legislators in those states with sealed records yet to change the adoption law so adoptees, birth parents, and adoptive parents are treated like adults and are in control of their own lives.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Open Letter to Co-sponsors of HB 4623

I'm pleading with you to reconsider your sponsorship. It does nothing but keep the Adoption Registry and CI Program intact. The Registry is not effective and most likely never will be since registries have proven to not be effective in any state. The CI Program leads to heartache - please see and Believe me there are similar experiences by others but not everyone is a blogger.

For many years I was active with helping others search and learned that the majority of birth mothers do want to be found. They were not promised confidentiality - this is a lie that was made up years ago by probably social workers or adoption attorneys. The majority of adoptive parents support their adult child searching. Often there is a need for medical history and they are aware of the void felt by their adult child. Finding birth family is not going to break a strong bond formed between adoptive parents and adoptees.

Rep. Feigenholtz's bill is lengthy and I fear has not been thoroughly read by all legislators. The public was denied access to the bill until a few hours before it was voted favorable out of committee on March 13. I suspect that she is now making amendments and is going to try to sneak this bill through the House and it just must not happen.

There are other states with open records and it is past time for Illinois to follow suit. Please don't be mislead thinking that the Adoption Registry and CI Program do open records. Open records is where ALL adult adoptees have the right to request their original birth certificate. To hold that document in one's hand does not lead them to their birth mother's doorstep. It does aid in searching for her. If she happens to be one of the few who prefer to not be found, she can tell her offspring just that. I've known that to happen and the adoptee has respected their birth mother's wishes.

Thank you for all consideration shown!

Mary Lynn Fuller
Urbana, IL

Sunday, May 25, 2008


As more sponsors for IL HB 4623 are added and we see more extensions just what is going on? There has been yet another extension to May 31. I pray that some of the State Representatives that many of us have written to have listened to the point that they might be telling Sara that the bill is horrible.

Rep. Feigenholtz has been sneaky from day one it seems. Sara seems to talk good for some to believe that the IL Adoption Registry and CI Program should remain intact. Is she making a profit from the Registry and CI Program or is one or more of the contributors to her political career making the profit?

Sometimes I wonder if Al Capone's ghost might be at work in Springfield. Then I think, gosh but he was nice to some people. But then if HB 4623 would become law, the adoptees born prior to 1/1/46 could request their original birth certificate and receive it. So I don't know but put a bonnet on him and a cigarette in his mouth and he could pass for a female.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Correction to Illinois Legislative Alert

The date should be March 23, two days away. It is urgent that people contact their State Representatives. We must not give up and give Sara and Melisha their way with continuing to rob adoptees of their human rights. It is only right that ALL adoptees have the right to request their original birth certificate.

Friday, May 16, 2008


It is urgent that people contact IL State Representatives today regarding HB 4623. There has been an extension until March 23, three days before the House session is over. This is a lengthy adoption bill that Rep. Feigenholtz is trying to sneak through. The bill is detrimental to adoption reform in that it does not treat all adoptees fairly. It has a provision where original birth certificates could be altered. The Adoption Registry and Confidential Intermediary Program would remain intact and they are not a substitute for equal rights of human beings. Even those who are not personally touched by adoption need to speak out. One never knows when an adoption law might affect a family member.