Saturday, September 20, 2008


Never did I expect to be put down so badly after writing a comment at:

The Road to Parenthood
I do realize that our federal government has never been a part of adoption reform. After reading a blog about John McCain being one to seek ways to promote adoption, permit tax deductions..., I thought it would be interesting to know how he stands on open records. It would never hurt to have a President who does endorse adoption reform.
It is obvious to me that Elizabeth and Brian need to be educated. They obviously don't understand that many triad members, not just adoptees do want open records. But it sounds as if they will be among the minority as adoptive parents to keep as many secrets as possible and do what they can to prevent any future children from searching for and finding birth family. They don't sound the type to ever bow their heads in shame. But it does sound as if they will put shame on future children if they even mention wanting their OBC or express a desire to find their birth family. It is obvious that they have closed minds refusing to listen to any views that others have because the following was posted when some of us did try to post a comment:

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God pity any children placed in their home.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

MI Legislative Alert

Senators in MI need to be urged to vote NO to HB 4896 and HB 6287. The bills are too restrictive. They were clean bills amended to the point that they are just not acceptable. For these bills to become law could set an example that other states might follow and it just can not happen. Adoption reform needs to move forward and these bills would be steps backward. No adoptee should be left behind. All need to be treated the same. A new bill should be introduced that places all adopted adults on a par with all non-adopted citizens in MI. All adopted adults deserve to have their civil right restored.

See to read the texts of the bills and for contact information for MI Senators.

Adoption Reform Illinois Needs Your Help

WANTED: Letters to Santa Claus

Adoption Reform Illinois wants to raise public awareness that adult adoptees cannot legally obtain an original birth certificate in Illinois.

Those who should write letters are:


birth parents

adoptive parents

relatives, i.e. spouses, children, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and those who have found an adoptee on their family tree

friends who are aware of the need someone is feeling to have an original birth certificate

Letters should be addressed to:

Santa Claus
% Mary Lynn Fuller
109 W. Illinois St., Apt. 506
Urbana, IL 61801

Letters can be signed with just a first name or your full name. Just keep in mind that your letter could be selected to submit to the news media.

Although Christmas is a few weeks away, write now. "Santa" will deliver the letters to Vital Records in Springfield before Christmas.

The more letters, the better!

Example letters but please use your own words:


Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is my original birth certificate. 50 years ago when my adoption was finalized, it was sealed. I have family and friends who were not adopted and they have their OBC.

Mary (last name optional)


Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is for my wife/husband/sister/brother/daughter/son/niece/nephew/granddaughter/grandson to have their original birth certifcate.

Thank you,
Mary (last name optional)


Dear Santa,

While tracing my family history I've discovered that my great-grandmother was adopted. All I want for Christmas is her original birth certificate so that I can prove lineage to join societies.

Thank you,
Mary (last name optional)


Dear Santa,

My friend Sandy is adopted and has been denied her original birth certificate. All I want for Christmas is for Sandy to have it.

Mary (last name optional)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Abortions in Illinois

I would think that the number of abortions in Illinois would open the eyes of legislators that are opposed to making IL an open records state. In 2006 there were a total of 46,467 . Data was from Centers for Disease Control and the State Health Department. Estimates were from Alan Guttmacher Surveys.

Abortions in Alabama and Oregon have decreased since they have become open records states. Alabama decreased from 13,273 in 1999 to 11,654 in 2006. Abortions in Oregon were 14,145 in 1999 and 11,663 in 2006. The number of abortions was not available for Maine and New Hampshire.

Alaska and Kansas have always been open states. In 2006 Alaska had 1,923 abortions and Kansas 5,778.

There is an old argument that opening records will increase the number of abortions. But the above data proves that this is not true. Numbers don't lie and I find it alarming that there were over 40,000 more abortions in 2006 in Illinois than in Alaska and Kansas who have always been open records states.

If I were an IL legislator opposed to open records, I'd not be able to sleep at night knowing that closed records could be contributing to the death of an unborn. Plus closed records are robbing adoptees of their civil right to request and receive their original birth certificate. Closed records are contributing to loved ones being separated for many years. So just who is being helped from closed records?