Thursday, October 30, 2008


Recently I read a blog about employers paying some of the adoption expenses for adoptive parents. There is concern about the nation's economy affecting this benefit. It was stated that an adoption expense benefit for employees helps employers to be more competitive. Another statement that saw me see red was that adoption benefits increase employee's attachment to the company and creates positive perception about the company in minds of the consuming public.

Innocent babies placed for adoption due to various circumstances result in companies offering a fringe benefit that helps to make the company more competitive. Are the best interests of the child being thought of or is a company being competitive and the adoptive parents receiving money more important?

I believe that Internal Revenue still allows a tax deduction for adoption expenses. I do know for a fact that IRS did back in the late 1970's when I knew an adoptive mother who could not wait to write off the expense of obtaining their son. It was not too long after that the adoptive parents divorced. I don't know what happened to the son but am guessing that the adoptive mother must have kept him in order to take advantage of any other benefits she might receive from having the son.

If adoptive parents need help with paying the expenses of adopting a child, can they afford to raise the child and provide all the necessities. Are they truely going to care for the child as one of their own or are they going to be looking for ways to benefit financially?

Is making it easier financially to adopt a child one of the reasons why we read in the news about adopted children being abused and sometimes killed?

Thursday, October 16, 2008


More and more blogs are being written by those who do rip off those searching. Some of the blogging does give good searching information while I've read some that is misleading. A blog about searching for adoption records will lead those searching to read it. Then there will be links to check public records, for birth records... Searching for a name is free but getting the information is not. BUT believe me, you will not always get the information that you are led to think is forthcoming by paying a fee or subscribing to a database for a month or a year. I just searched at one website for a birth record for an IL adoptee. I was told that it is available. It is NOT available. Plus it was misleading to be told how much information is available on this person when I know that it is not. This person lives like a hermit with no street address and not nearly as many public records are available for him as the average person. I had no reason to pay the current special of $39.95 annual subscription. But if someone else who does not know this person were searching for him, they might pay it. I have no idea what information they might receive but it could not be much and maybe nothing at all.

If a PI say claims to be able to find a birth parent for $250, think about what information you have. Chances are they will not find a birth parent for $250 unless you provide the name and last known address. Many adoptees don't have a copy of their OBC. Some are fortunate to know the name of their birth mother from another source. But if you have the name and last known address, you might be able to find the person yourself. One never knows how much more money might be asked for after the $250 initial fee either when it is discovered that a marriage application/license or other documents are necessary in order to complete the search.

The only thing that makes me more angry than those taking advantage of the vulnerable are those who are fighting open records with no restrictions.

We must continue to fight for ALL adult adoptees to be able to request and receive their OBC. If you have not joined in to see what you can do to help with the adoption reform movement, please do so today.