Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Take Me Out to The Ballgame

Our infamous IL State Representative Sara Feigenholtz never bothered to respond to many concerns about HB 4623. But yet she/her staff spammed many who never received a reply - to invite them to a Chicago Cubs game. It seems to me that e-mail addresses were collected with the intent that she might gain more contributors. It certainly does not seem that someone is the brightest crayon in the box, does it? I've heard the excuse that it was a technical problem. Sorry, I've been using a computer and been subscribed to Internet mailing lists for too many years to believe it. What I truely believe is that Feigenholtz "Feign" could care less what triad members have to say against HB 4623. She only cares about those who are profiting from the CI Program so wants to keep it intact. She only cares about those who have something to hide so are opposed to a true open records bill in Illinois. Her website URL was misspelled but "Feign" does describe her well.

My personal reply to "Feign":

"You don't seem to be at all interested in replying to those among the adoption community about their concerns with HB 4623 as it was originally written. But yet you have extended an invitation to some of these same people to attend a Cubs game with you. You are unbelievable and not a person that I would even cross the street with, let alone attend a Cubs game with."

Go Cubs and bat "Feign" right out of Wrigley Field and into a different occupation. She is a disgrace to the IL House of Representatives.


Pennagal said...

I would appear that the technical problem is that someone who cannot read and follow directions set up what was intended to be an "announcement only" list as a "discussion" list. This is not rocket science but you do have to pay attention. But I can recommend a computer tech who could fix the problem (73adoptee) but that would involve talking to an adoptee -- something I don't think she's eager to do.

I wonder if this scheme comes under the heading of scalping tickets. I saw the "suggested donations" to receive a ticket and you can buy a ticket for a LOT less. I wonder if it's legal to buy a block of tickets and resell them at such outrageous prices to "campaign supporters."

From the SPAM I have received today, I would guess that a lot of names and email addresses were culled from the email she solicited bu never answered solely for the purpose of hitting on them for campaign contributions.

Say kids, those of you in IL, let's buy a block of tickets at the actual cost and go to the game wearing t-shirts that express what adoptees think of HB 4623!

Grannie Annie said...

Actually, the tickets are not for seats in the park. They're for the rooftop on Sheffield Avenue.

It's an "in" spot for Cubs fans. I think the people who own the building, which is right across the street from the park, sell tickets and/or rent it out.

I remember last yea, after appearing on a radio broadcast, Rep. Feigenholtz asked for input into an open rights bill for adoptees. She never answered anyone nor did she post it on any website.

Same goes for this year. Several people on the IlOpen list reported writing to Rep. Feigenholtz on several occasions about HB 4623 and not one person received even one answer!


Triona Guidry said...

Sure, I'd be glad to come over and fix Sara's computer problems.

First she has to fill out the forms. Then she has to pay a registration fee, plus a fee for a search for each specific computer issue. The fees are nonrefundable if no problems are found. If her application is deemed worthy, a Confidential Computer Intermediary will be assigned to her case. The CCI will not tell her what the problem was or whether it was fixed, that's "confidential" and the procedures are "not available to the public." She'll just have to try again to see if the computer works yet, and if not that's another search fee to the CCI. Oh, and if at any time the computer decides it doesn't want to be contacted, it can file a Denial Of Contact form at which point all data on it will be encrypted and the encryption key filed in some dusty back room along with Indy's Ark of the Covenant and all 79 episodes of the original Star Trek series - on Betamax.

Pennagal is absolutely right. Sara blamed this snafu on "server error" but the reality is, her list was misconfigured to allow anyone to post to it, an elementary technical mistake. If she can't even maintain an email list properly, why should we trust her to manage our adoption records?

Call me, Sara! I can help!

Mary Lynn Fuller said...

Great comments from Pennagal, Anita and Triona! It is so thoughtful of Triona to offer to be of help with Sara's list. She has thought it all through so well as to how she can keep control of her list, just as Sara is trying to keep control of adoptees in IL.

Marley Greiner said...

Well, come on girls! Sara can't get adoptee rights right; how do you expect her to configure her computer correctly. This is just too funny.

I'd love to see a lot of disgruntled bastards show up and give her what for!