Tuesday, June 9, 2009


On May 10, 1997 when I first met Joann and three other birth siblings, my son and I were welcomed into their lives with open, warm & loving arms. It was almost like we had always known each other except the questions that flowed back and forth between the birth siblings, my son and I did indicate differently. Similarities were shared among us and the family physical resemblance was remarkable between us plus the pictures that they had brought along to show Eric and I.

On June 6, 2009 I said goodbye to Joann after her passing away suddenly and unexpectedly three days earlier. On July 11 when a memorial service is held, I will say goodbye once again.

Life is short but to only know Joann for such a short time has resulted in additional emotions for me to deal with along with grieving the loss of her. I hold no hard feelings toward our mother for placing me for adoption. Although she was deceased when the family was found and I could not ask her the reason, I do feel she did what she felt was best. I received a good home just as I’m sure she wanted.

To have known Joann for 12 years was a true blessing. It did not take me long to realize that she was bubbly with laughter and really enjoyed having fun. One of the sentences on her memorial card is, “I’d like to leave an after glow of smiles when life is done.” She certainly did that as different ones remembered her. Although we were experiencing a sad occasion there was a lot of laughter just as I’m sure that Joann would have wanted. I know that all of us will smile when we often think of her from now on.

Joann was only part of my life for a short time. But she helped to fill the void within me as only another adoptee can relate to. She did it in a very loving way. Each time I was around her I did enjoy some laughs too. Thank you Joann and goodbye until we meet again some day!

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