Monday, July 12, 2010


Careful thought was given to whether I should write this blog or not. Once I decided that I should defend myself, a busy schedule kept me from doing it until now. There is a difference between criticism and telling lies about someone you don't like.

It was crafty how blogs and newsletters were referred to so that a few words could be taken from here and there to form lies. Perhaps jigsaw puzzles became boring since all pieces to the right one do fit. I did wonder if this was a result of my speaking out over what I saw with my own eyes or because someone did not receive what they had asked for; or perhaps both.

There are organizations that I don't believe in since they don't support open records for ALL adopted adults. There are some who do until the going gets tough and a legislator wants to add some conditions and it is thought to be okay. It is entirely their choice just as it is my choice to not support a conditional bill.

I was one of many who did try to stop IL HB 5428 in its tracks. The bottom line is that it does not treat ALL adopted adults equally and anything less is just not acceptable to me. Somehow this new law must be changed, the sooner the better. But those who want to bad mouth that we were not successful in stopping the horrid bill from becoming law must have selective memory to have forgotten that the bill was whisked through terribly fast. A legislator who had told me that she would keep me informed about any adoption legislature is now a liar in my book. I am doing all that I can to see that she loses in the November election.

I do encourage those who read something derogatory about someone to read back through blogs and newsletters to see for yourself as to if it is really true. Never will all of us among the Internet adoption community agree 100% on everything. It just is not a perfect world. But we activists for adoptee rights have a tough battle on our hands and to waste time on being crafty is using energy that could be better spent.


Von said...

Open records have got to be equal for all, there is no other fair way and there is no va;lid reasons why not.Works for us here in Australia and has done for nearly 40 years now.

Grannie Annie said...

The jigsaw puzzle analogy is perfect for what's been happening. You can't try to squeeze together pieces from here and there and expect them to come out correctly.

Bottom line: Don't take things out of context

Unknown said...

I sent testimony (an excerpt) from my book "One Small Sacrifice" but apparently the Illinois legislators are not adoptees nor do they believe our incredible pain in not knowing who we are... My natural father was from Illinois I found him in 1996. I will forever grateful for my reunion and wish for every adoptee the same rights.

Mary Lynn Fuller said...

Lost Bird/Adoptee, I do think it is very important for those of us who have been reunited to stay around and fight for open records. We know first-hand what a great thing it is to know one's origin and to finally after years personally see birth family members.

I do think one of the reasons IL HB 5428 became law is the length of the bill. There is no way that all the legislators read it and understood just what this law would do. It was whisked through the House and Senate - bottom line maybe because the Democrats were in control and politics played a bigger role than the lives of those personally touched by adoption.