Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Just recently IL newspapers published a heartwarming story about the law. BUT only what the public likes to read or hear about on the news.  Plus it was very misleading in not telling the truth about the law.

Some IL adult adoptees do have access to their original birth certificate (OBC) with no strings attached.  Conditions apply to others.  Birth mothers had an opportunity to attempt to keep their identity from becoming known - thus a few adoptees will receive a redacted certificate.  Their birth mother's name will be marked out in some way.  Hundreds of adoptees have been told their birth certificate can not be found. 

Is IL an open records state as being told?  NO!  There are only eight states who are - Alabama, Alaska, Delaware, Kansas,  Maine, New Hampshire Oregon and Tennessee.

The IL law does not go far enough and a new bill needs to be sponsored because ALL adoptees should be treated equal.  No adoptee should be left behind.

Rep. Sara Feigenholtz (D-Chicago) seems to think the IL adoption law is great.  I don't know that she will sponsor another bill.  Who will?  Illinois voters need to be talking to their legislators to see if any can convince Rep. Feigenholtz to sponsor another bill to clean up what needs to be done OR will another legislator take this job on.

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