Thursday, April 22, 2010


Rep. Sara Feigenholz (D-Chicago) and her buddies' performance of deceit in Springfield has resulted in the most horrid bill possible lying on Governor Quinn's desk for his signature. They call it adoption reform when in fact it is distort.

Granted there will be a group of adoptees born prior to 1/1/46 who will be able to receive their original birth certificate with no strings attached. But God pity those born on or after this date.

Termination of rights in Illinois now means that birth parents can choose anonymity. It does not matter that years ago a court order severed the legal relationship between parent and child. The child could be 60 years old now but a birth parent(s) can prevent him or her from having their original birth certificate. Oops, maybe they will receive one with birth parent identifying information redacted. One wonders how a notary would feel if they knew years later that a legal document notorized by them would be revised. I guess legal just has a different meaning in IL and one of these days money will be spent to notify the public.

Speaking of money - I've not heard anything about the estimate of what it will cost for the OBC-Public Information Campaign Oversight Committee to conduct the year-long, nationwide announcements to inform as many as possible about this new law about to go into effect, if Governor Quinn signs HB 5428.

Illinois currently has a $13 billion deficit. But why not cut programs for the needy and seniors, lay off teachers, just not pay some bills...?

After all it is more important to keep an ineffective registry and confidential intermediarey service intact. By the time another 25 years have passed maybe the registry will have matched 10% of the registrants. By all means keep those working for Midwest Adoption Center employed. They need to save lots of money because if they ever become disabled or a senior citizen, there might not be any state agencies to help them.

I've heard and read so many lies about HB 5428 that the TV remote and the local newspaper are starting to feel slimy.

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