Thursday, April 8, 2010


When I have not been busy with writing to senators and newspapers regarding IL HB 5428, I have been wondering where are the IL adopted adults.

Now I do realize that those born prior to 1/1/46 could be happy with anticipating that if the horrid bill becomes law, they will have access to their original birth certificate (OBC) with no conditions attached. Sadly some people only think of themselves.

I'm from the old school where I was raised to treat others the way that I like to be treated. For years I've had my own OBC but I still care about the ones that don't. I've never been able to turn my back on other adopted adults. I will admit that I do want my civil right restored to me and I won't sit back until it is. But neither will I sit back and not kick and scream to see equality for ALL IL adopted adults. Nothing less than equality for all is acceptable.

Do those sitting back realize that if this bill becomes law in IL, a precedent will be set for other closed record states? Do they realize that if this bill becomes law, adoption reform will not happen in IL?

Those living in IL should think about the unemployment rate and how it is on the rise partly due to the fiscal crisis in our state. When less income is coming in, less spending is done and that ultimately affects many things.

Are you going to sit back or are you going to speak out? The time is here and the clock is ticking away. HB 5428 was fast-tracked through the House and it is happening in the Senate. If you have written to newspapers and not had a letter published, write some more letters. If you have emailed legislators, try calling or faxing them. It appears that our legislators do avoid email. A phone call might not result in getting to speak directly with a senator but the more messages from opponents the better.

Thanks in advance for helping to fight this bill!


Von said...

If I was there I'd be standing with you, I completely agree with you over the unfairness issue and hope that sense will be seen and the right thin happens.Good wishes...

BD said...

Thanks, Mary. This is the moment to stand up and let Illinois pols know that adoptees won't take second class status. For 15 years this bill in one form or another has been kicking around and dying session after session. This is a far as it has ever gotten--only because it's been snuck through. This is about special interests, not us.