Wednesday, April 7, 2010


IL HB 5428 really should be referred to as the quiet little mouse. Sneaky Sara Feigenholtz and company mapped out where the traps were and the bill just scurried through on a fast track. We probably will never know how much cheese was dished out first or if favors will be shown down the road a bit further. Not enough representatives had any backbone so now the bill has reached the senate judiciary comittee.

Which senators will do the right thing showing that they believe in equality for all? Will politics come first to where all the Democrats will vote YEA disregarding the state's fiscal crisis? Will they think that it is only right for more people to be laid off work and needed programs be cut? Or will they not even begin to estimate the cost of the year-long, nationwide campaign to inform the public about a new law so birth parents can decide or not to deny their offspring their original birth certificate? Granted we can't count on all the Republican senators to do the right thing either. Many politicians thrive on "scratch my back, I'll scratch yours".

But the legislators who don't do right do not have to be reelected. Voters, keep track of the representative and senator for the district that you reside in. If they don't do right with this bill, can you count on them to do right with other bills? Probably not.

It is doubtful that IL HB 5428 is the only bill that has been kept as quiet as a mouse. When you think about it, it is no wonder that IL is in a fiscal crisis.

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