Saturday, April 17, 2010


It is URGENT that you contact IL Senators today (Sat., April 17). They must be persuaded to not pass IL HB 5428.

I've just placed a link on IL Open for phone and fax #'s for the senators. Below it is additional contact information for Web contact forms and email addresses. There is no guarantee that the Web contact forms and email addresses will work. But some do differ from what has been posted during recent days. If you are not going to call or fax the senators, by all means try reaching them through Web contact forms or email. It is vital that everyone fight this battle.

If HB 5428 is signed into law, many IL adopted adults will REGRET it. So will adopted adults in other states with closed records because often another state will follow suit. Remember that IL is a large state.

Please do your part and don't sit back thinking that others are taking care of things!

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