Thursday, October 14, 2010


It is no big surprise to me that the text of IL HB 5428 (now known as PA-96-0895) has resulted in at least one misterpretation of the legislative intent of the law. I'm glad that I questioned why I was told that I had to wait until Nov. 15, 2011 to apply for my OBC. My birth mother is deceased and I had enclosed a copy of her death record.

A reply letter from Rep. Sara Feigenholtz (D-Chicago) confirmed my suspicion. Her letter went on to say, "Once this issue is resolved someone will be contacting you so that you may obtain a non-certified copy of your original birth certificate.".

While I am trying to be patient during the wait I can't help but wonder how many misinterpretations will result from the dysfunctional writing of the lengthy text. There are other situations besides having a deceased birth mother. I know of one person not allowed to register with IARMIE. I'm sure the list must go on and I hope those being denied will email me at so I can enter you into a rejects database. Problems don't go away unless addressed.

It is so important to not take "NO" for an answer unless you are absolutely certain there is no option. I doubt very much that we have a team of attorneys on board in the Division of Vital Records to interpret the text of the law. No, it might not require that but believe me it is easy to tire of the tedious reading when so many words are repeated. Even though it is lengthy it does appear that some situations were left out. Prior to November 15, 2011 is the testing period in my honest opinion. Vital Records will receive lots more applications on or after this date.

So if you have had an application returned to you, please speak out! I know that some of you are used to hearing the word, "NO" but sometimes there are alternatives and you need to utilize them.

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Von said...

Absolutely, it seems you're blocked all the way unless you insist on your rights.