Saturday, October 2, 2010


Many among the Internet Adoption Community do not agree about the new IL adoption law (May 2010). It is not a perfect world so it is no surprise.

Illinois is known as the Land of Lincoln in honor of former President Abraham Lincoln. He was known for his honesty and believing in that all should be treated equal. It is a wonder that he has not come out of his grave and shaken his fists at our legislators and governor.

We have a Democrat governor and the Democrats were controlling the House and Senate. A perfect year for Rep. Sara Feigenholtz (D) to sponsor an unrestricted bill. Of course, there would have been some opposition. Many oppose to change. I'm one that changes with the times or I'd be typing this on a standard typewriter and posting it on a bulletin board. But I strongly oppose to the new law because it does not treat all adopted adults equal.

What on earth is fair about those born prior to 1/1/46 being able to request and receive their original birth certificate (OBC)? Word on the street is that even these adoptees are waiting months before receiving their OBC. But yet the media was told that they would be treated just like those non-adopted and receive it within the average turnaround time. Those born on or after 1/1/46 can request and receive their OBC beginning November 15, 2011.

Some adoptees might die within this waiting period but a family member could request their OBC. It won't mean as much to them but what the heck.

My own birth mother is deceased and according to Rep. Feigenholtz's Web site I can request my OBC and submit her death record. I did that almost a month ago and it was returned to me rather quickly. In so many words it was said that I'm not old enough and can request my OBC in November 2011. I have written to Rep. Feigenholtz since she sponsored the bill that became law and should be able to clarify whether I can have my OBC now or not. I have gone through the text of the law and unless I overlooked it I'd say my own situation was not covered. It makes me wonder what else might have been overlooked. Or perhaps if I'm mistaken, will some of the employees for the Registry and Vital Stats make mistakes.

I could go on and on but the above is a summary of why I don't think the new IL adoption law is great. Congratulations to those who can receive their OBC now and good luck to the rest!

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Grannie Annie said...

You are right, Mary. This law is so long and convoluted that it probably contradicts itself in places. Also, the clerks do not understand it. Because you should be able to get your obc NOW. Here is what I copied form Rep. Feigenholtz' website titled adoption:

"In cases where a death certificate for all birth parents listed on the original birth certificate has been filed with the Registry, releases a copy of the original birth certificate to an adopted person born after January 1, 1946, upon written request, as soon as the bill has been signed by the Governor."

They should not have sent your application back because it says plain as day "as soon as the bill has been signed by the Governor." That means now, not in November, 2011

They do not know how to read at the IARMIE place.